About Us

TTM technology is a subsidiary of Dehaze, which serves as its parent company in the IT field. Dehaze is a prominent player in the industry, and TTM technology benefits from its expertise and experience. The association with Dehaze lends credibility to TTM technology's offerings and helps it establish itself as a reliable provider of IT solutions. Being a child company of Dehaze, TTM technology has access to a vast pool of resources and can leverage the parent company's infrastructure to enhance its operations. This relationship creates a symbiotic relationship between the two companies, allowing them to tap into each other's strengths and work towards a common goal of delivering high-quality IT services.

We set the bar high—pursuing excellence in everything we do.

Our vision is to provide a Software Development, Cyber security, and other services with experienced IT consultants who can offer valuable business solutions. We help you and your business connect with customers, integrate with vendors and empower employees to work to their fullest potential.

Our committed teams have a unique blend of functional & operational knowledge, technical expertise and result-oriented management experience ranging from Application Development to end to end IT Implementation projects.

TTM Tech always tries to create great value and productivity gains for the clients by providing quality solution to various business functions. We bring good experience in information technology, customer service, and global operations by continually combining our strategic thinking with the best in Technology, People, and Process.

Some of the fields we have provided excellent services and continue doing it.


As a part of DevOps Managed Services TTM Tech has simplified the delivery of the software, monitoring of the applications, and ensures continuous delivery.

Software Development

We build customer-specific performance oriented softwares on demand

Cyber Security

Our cyber security services offer tremendous monetary and non-monetary value within your organization.

Data Services

As a prominent data service company, TTM has broad data services solutions expertise.

Validators/Crypto Currency

We provide Secure key hosting to guarantee no double signs occur & We have a solid team who works on advanced technologies like Web3 and Blockchain related projects.

Good with customers
Easy to use
Great Services